Oman launches national data project

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has praised Oman’s launch of a national summary data page (NSDP) for publishing essential macroeconomic data, a project that could help investors access important economic information.

The move is in adherence with the IMF’s recommendations on enhanced General Data Dissemination System (e-GDDS), an initiative that was launched in May 2015.

Oman is the second GCC country to launch an NSDP following the UAE which did so in June 2018.

The NSDP will provide national policymakers as well as investors and rating agencies with “easy access” to information that is “critical for monitoring economic conditions and policies” said the IMF.

Its chief statistician and data officer Louis Marc Ducharme said it was a “major milestone” and would bring “greater data transparency” to all users.

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