Oman Investment Authority launches $5.2bn fund

Oman’s sovereign wealth fund, Oman Investment Authority (OIA), has launched a US$5.2 billion fund to invest in Omani projects and companies.

The Future Fund Oman will deploy its capital at a rate of $1 billion annually over the next five years.

As much as 90% of its capital will be invested directly in “commercially and economically-viable new or existing large-scale projects located in Oman”.

Oman to launch $5.2bn investment fund

Oman infrastructure fund reaches $1bn fundraising target

The sovereign wealth fund will also allocate 7% of capital to Oman-based SMEs and the remaining 3% will be invested in startups.

According to the OIA, the fund will act as a “catalyst for economic diversification, with focus on empowering the private sector, attracting FDI, empowering SMEs and fostering venture capital”.

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