Mena fintech group adds Qatar chapter

The Mena Fintech Association, a not-for-profit organisation advocating for the region’s startups, has launched a Qatar committee.

The association has described the step as a “significant milestone”.

The working group will be led by co-chair Gaurav Sachdeva with the aim to “empower and support the fintech ecosystem in Qatar”.

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It will focus on “facilitating meaningful engagements between fintechs and businesses in Qatar.

Key discussion areas include digital transformation, policy and regulation, cybersecurity and the future of finance.

“We are excited to see the vibrant fintech ecosystem in Qatar join our esteemed group,” said Nameer Khan, chairman of the association.

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“Qatar’s commitment to innovation and regulatory excellence makes it a key player in the region’s fintech landscape [but] despite the progress, many opportunities for engagement and collaboration remain untapped.”

The move to integrate Qatar into the region’s fintech ecosystem also signals a restoration of commercial and political relations between Qatar and the rest of the GCC following the diplomatic crisis that started in 2017, one year before the formation of the Mena Fintech Association, and came to a close in 2021.

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